Mobile Engagement Automation App

Dierspecialist app launch June 2018 with Valk ASPOS integration as the mobile part of the omni-channel marketing strategy. 

Make your pet care retail chain future proof.


Having a mobile engagement strategy is a requirement for marketers in 2018. 

Orange BOB provides Pet Care Retail Chains with a forward-thinking mobile app platform for engaging with pet owners. This engagement is designed to increase revenue through the strategic use of targeted push notifications and coupons when they’re inside a store or remind them about products, services and purchases that should repeat themselves. 

But there is more. Obese is knocking on the door in the pet care world as well. This engagement app provides a sophisticated weight care program. It stimulates store traffic because the measurements will be done in the store. 

Another relevant functionality: Pet owners can communicate with an Animal Coach, even beyond the traditional opening hours of the stores. It avoids switch behaviour, stimulates engagement.

These tactics motivate app users to take actions that lead to purchases. All mobile campaigns are measurable from clicks in the app to the cash register turnover of each store. 

The app provides marketers A/B testing, superpower data analytics for faster answers, more insights and better outcomes. App shop integration, advanced personal profiling, stunning human-to-human engagement functionalities. We integrate your existing loyalty program and your POS system as well. 

Did we tell you with above information everything about all the embeded functionalities and added values? Definitely not!

Data-driven Loyalty & Mobile Coupon App

Sympathize! Have you ever rewarded consumers who are not customers?
What would be the benefits?

Stunning! Average of 30% conversion measured on coupons.

Constantly rewarding car drivers at different locations in the region is both fun and talked-about.  Motorists install the app and the reward party starts automatically. Driving and saving. Simple and effective.

In the intervening period, drivers are rewarded for having the app on their phone. This prevents switch behaviour. After all, you don't want them to wash their car in a roll-over as quickly as they are in a petrol station or near a competitor. 

Motorists who are not yet customers can also take part in the savings programme. This is defenitly a low barrier-entry loyalty program. And that's exactly what makes it so powerful. 

The savings process is as follows. If there is an x number of points saved, a voucher is automatically made available that is valid for a predetermined number of points. 48 hours before the expiration of the voucher the motorist will receive another reminder. If the voucher is not redeemed, the coupon will be deleted.

You can also send action coupons to the entire group of users. For windscreen wiper fluid, for example. Send automatically birthday presents or a Valentine voucher. 

And we have not yet talked about all the data you collect to do even better personal promotions.

We're happy to talk to you, down to the last detail.

Meer dan 10.000 mobile communicatiemomenten per dag. Onbetaalbaar!

Nederlands: "Slim in contact blijven met onze klanten in de periode dat hun auto nog schoon is. Dat is de truc. De klant krijgt een beleving geserveerd die zijn verwachtingen overtreft. Hierdoor worden onze klanten positief verrast. Warm contact onderhouden met mensen en ze echt het gevoel geven dat ze gewaardeerd worden draagt in hoge mate bij aan retentie.

Om je een indruk te geven van ons bedrijf: wij hebben op één locatie twee wasstraten onder één dak, met een entree dat uit vijf rijbanen bestaat. We hebben het wasprogramma keuze- en betaalproces 100% geautomatiseerd. Elke rijbaan is voorzien van een betaalautomaat met 3D scanners. 

Met onze app activeren wij automobilisten met als doel: traffic te bevorderen, verkopen te stimuleren, consumenten loyaler aan en ambassadeur van onze carwash te maken. We zorgen ervoor dat onze carwash verder in de lokale samenleving wordt verankert door het uitvoeren van joint promoties en via het geofence spaarsysteem een prominente rol in het leven van de automobilist te laten vervullen. 

Deze app helpt ons door blijvend waarde toe te voegen waarmee de band met de automobilisten wordt verdiept. We behalen een indrukwekkende conversie van 30% op de coupons die mensen via geofencing in de app sparen. 

We hebben inmiddels duizenden downloads gerealiseerd. 95% vult zijn profiel volledig in. Natuurlijk is de app een onderdeel van de marketing mix, maar wel het goedkoopste per contact en de best converterende van allemaal. Dus we blijven ons inzetten om nog meer app downloads te realiseren."

Dhr. H. Scheys, zaakvoerder De Wasstraat, Leuven.


More than 10,000 mobile communication moments per day. Priceless!

English: "Keeping in touch with our customers during the period that their car is still clean. That is the trick. The customer is served an experience that exceeds his expectations. This positively surprises our customers. Maintaining warm contact with people and giving them a real sense of appreciation contributes greatly to retention.

To give you an impression of our company: in one location we have two car washes under one roof, with an entrance that consists of five lanes. We have 100% automated the washing programme selection and payment process. Each lane is equipped with a payment terminal with 3D scanners. 

With our app, we activate motorists with the aim of: promoting traffic, stimulating sales, making consumers more loyal to and ambassador of our carwash. We ensure that our carwash is further embedded in the local community by carrying out joint promotions and by allowing it to play a prominent role in motorists' lives via the geofence savings system. 

This app helps us by permanently adding value that deepens the bond with motorists. We achieve an impressive conversion of 30% on the coupons people save through geofencing in the app. 

We have now completed thousands of downloads. 95% complete their profile. Of course, the app is part of the marketing mix, but it is the cheapest per contact and the best converting of all. So we continue to work to realize even more app downloads.

Dhr. H. Scheys, business owner De Wasstraat, Leuven.

Data-drive City Marketing & Activation App

Many cities and municipalities have an enormous attraction to people. With the City Engagement App solution, the city or municipality is close to the visitors on the smartphone and they are' guided' through the city in a playful and educational way. 

The power of the City App:

  • Proximity notifications 
  • Gamification hiking trails
  • Proximity loyalty. Save value points by visiting sights.
  • Mobile couponing

The app encourages you to discover the city and encourages visitor and tourists to visit the local retail. 

  • Visitors can orient themselves in advance or experience the visit at home on the couch afterwards.
  • Store traffic is stimulated
  • Database of tourists and visitors who have visited the city built up for marketing goals
  • Analysis of the results of joint promotions and all the coupon conversion rates.

Orange BOB's navigation and proximity solution works flawless and enables unrivalled communication, navigation and local collaborations. 

Data-driven Smart Nature Experience

Nature is versatile and has a lot to offer. But how much does the visitor really know about the surroundings and nature? Nature seems so self-evident, but do e see it that way?

By deploying GPS technology, we create more connection with and experience in nature. Visitors can playfully discover sights in a fun way. Orange BOB offers a ready to go platform that can be deployed effectively from the start. You do not need to start complex IT technical projects. We bring all your ideas to life.

We offer an interactive app that offers hands-on experience including an educational game element. With the help of geofencing, they gain access to interactive content in all kinds of formats, including games, discounts (coupons) and rewards.

Hair Saloon Loyalty Marketing

Jon Karelse Hair Saloon retail chain has built up a history you say to. Also in the area of loyalty. Until the end of 2014, customers were rewarded on a transaction-by-transaction basis.

This has changed with the arrival of the Orange BOB mobile solution. Visitors to the hairdressing salon are now rewarded on the basis of presence and at promotion partners.


  • Vlog & updates
  • Pushnotifications
  • Couponing
  • Coupon activation with unique code 
  • Make a reservation
  • Measurements & Analytics

Jon Karelse likes to work together with entrepreneurial entrepreneurs in the region. In collaborating companies, Jon Karelse's customers are also rewarded for being customers and the result. There is more silvered than in the past and customers like to share the app with their friends. It is unanimously felt to be sympathetic.